BRI Services

BRI Coaching Services


Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching services empower people to live the life they truly want by understanding and believing in their worth and value and taking proactive steps to grow and live in their authentic truth.  BRI offers clients support, encouragement, and effective tools that will enable them to confidently pursue their goals and dreams, bravely face challenges and break through fears, and practice necessary self-care to become fulfilled in all aspects of their lives.


Executive Coaching

BRI offers Executive Coaching to senior leaders, presidents, CEOs, and managers of organizations to assist them with tackling difficult decisions they face in their work and become the leaders they seek to be. Our executive coaching inspires clients to be visionary leaders and culture shifters who draw out the best talents, performance, and investment from their team members.  We motivate leaders to move from a place of “hoping” and “wishing” to action-oriented behaviors that create positive and sustainable changes in themselves and their organizations. 


Community Coaching

Our Community Coaching services work within communities to provide community members the tools they need to bring about positive change in their neighborhoods and organizations.  Community coaching places an emphasis on healing the trauma and toxic stress that impact the lives of people and organizations. Through working with us to identify the strengths that exist within its members, communities are able to collectively create and cultivate personal, professional, and community networks that will support their growth and healing. 

BRI Training Services


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

We specialize in training workshops that center the importance and necessity of diversity, equity, and inclusion within every organization's policies, practices, and programs. We design workshops for organizations that are specific to each organization's needs, ensuring that the training provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to create truly inclusive, equitable, safe, and welcoming environments and spaces for community members both within and outside of the organization.  

We are highly skilled and have 19 years of experience facilitating trainings and dialogues in areas such as racial, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic justice; cultural competency and eliminating bias; social identities and intercultural group dynamics; and ally development.


Healing Justice Workshops

Our healing justice work provides people from historically marginalized communities the needed space, permission, and tools to heal from past hurts and traumas inflicted on them through racism and other forms of oppression, so that they can move toward a more liberatory and affirming consciousness for themselves, which will in turn positively impact their communities. 

BRI Consulting Services


Our Philosophy

BRI seeks to assist organizations in the cultivation of leadership across all levels in order to ensure they are making the best use of team members' talents, skills, and experiences.  We believe that organizations thrive when there is an emphasis on affirming, highlighting, and developing the contributions and talents of organizational team members, which in turn increases staff satisfaction, performance, and trust in the organization's mission and values.   


What We Provide

The primary goal of our consulting services is to work with organizations to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth. We serve as a motivator, facilitator, and information resource for organizations to create innovative change and organizational transformation.  Consulting services vary based on client needs, and may include assessing an organization's current policies and practices; creating implementation strategies for a strategic plan; revising a mission statement, goals and/or outcomes; or evaluating the effectiveness of organizational team members.    


Our Clients

We provide consulting services to a variety of institutions, including colleges and universities, small and large companies, boards, and nonprofit organizations. We work with organizations to increase their capacity to gracefully and effectively manage change; create inclusive policies, practices, and programs; and foster meaningful and transformative strategies, goals, and objectives to positively impact their team and organization.