"It was my privilege to work closely with Karla for 14 years at Macalester College. She was, for all of that time, a leader on campus in every sense of the word: through her ideas, her character, her commitment, and her passion.  We are a better and more just community because of the work Karla did, particularly in the creation of inclusive policies, practices, and programs.  She has a gift for establishing relationships and communicating clearly across many different departments and cultures. I cannot think of anyone better suited by temperament and experience to provide outstanding consulting and executive coaching."

-Brian Rosenberg, President, Macalester College

"When you combine Karla's professionalism and clairvoyance with her effervescent spirit, you get a unique solution-oriented team-player, whose leadership inspires and whose innovation transforms. Any institution or individual would be privileged to work with her and to benefit from her experience, knowledge, and skillsets. She was instrumental in my professional and personal developments, and for that I am forever grateful."

-Robert Patterson, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies, Georgetown University

"Karla is an amazing facilitator and coach. She has an incredible way of holding space to discuss critical issues, such as social justice, that invites people to both be heard and take responsibility for their actions. She inspires people to accountability and to connect more fully with their humanity. If you want to level up as a leader and build capacity with your team, Karla is the one for the job."  

-Dr. Joi Lewis, Founder and CEO, Joi Unlimited Coaching and Consulting

"Karla has been a mentor, coach, and overall great role model for me for the past five years.  Her critical insights into sociocultural dynamics, navigating interpersonal conflicts, and managing organizational change has helped me become the forward-thinking, hopeful leader that I am today.  She truly embodies the ethos, 'be the change that you want to see'!" 

-Demetrius Colvin, Director of the Resource Center, Wesleyan College